Selling Handmade Jewelry: Seth Godin Shows What You Can Learn From Girl Scouts

gsk“What’s you favorite type of jewelry?”

According to marketing guru Seth Godin this is the best type of sales question to ask a potential customer because it is, “…A question that avoids a ‘no’, a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion…”

Now he wasn’t talking about jewelry when he said this. He was actually talking about how girl scouts can more effectively sell cookies.

Instead of the complicated memorized spiel that most girl scouts try to say when selling their cookies, Seth suggests a much simpler question:

“What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?”

Again, think about this. To repeat what Seth says, “…A question that avoids a ‘no’, a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion…”

The result?

Seth says that in his experience this approach doubles the sales rate for girl scouts.

The reason?

Quoting Seth again, “In one simple question, the power in the transaction shifts, with the Scout going from supplicant to valued supplier.”

That statement is POWERFUL.

In other words, your potential customer no longer sees you as “asking” for something, but instead you are “providing” something of value that they WANT.

Jewelry, like girl scout cookies, are not a fundamental human need. Both of these things are WANTS.

And because they are wants they fit in the playground of a person’s EMOTIONS.

So when you ask someone, “What’s your favorite kind of jewelry?” not only do you start to learn very quickly about what type of jewelry excites them, and why it excites them, you automatically trigger in them a positive emotion that puts them in the right state of mind to listen to what you have to say about your jewelry.

On the other hand, if you start the conversation with words that make it obvious that this is going to be some kind of sales pitch, your potential customer will smell that out quickly and then up go their defensive walls. And it can be very difficult to get over those walls once they have been erected.

So why say something that puts up a wall between you and your potential customer when you can ask them a simple question instead that gets them excited and talking about something they love?

It’s much easier to do that AND it’s more effective in getting you the clients that you want.


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