Marketing: Nike Using Design to Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

nkeAs jewelry designers you have the opportunity to use your talent and creativity to transform something that is ordinary into something interesting and beautiful.

Look at the example of what Nike is doing with a very ordinary product: exercise tights.

They teamed up with Japanese artist Yuko Kanatani to create a line of tights that is, dare I say, exciting!

From the article:

“…Kanatani sewed beads, spangles, candy wrappers, and ribbons onto pieces of fabric, then combined photographs of the resulting embroidery with hand drawings done in acrylic paint. Rather than simply making a pattern for the collection, Kanatani used a body map to position her art on the tights in order to accentuate the moving body, while flattering the muscles and heating and cooling zones.”

So rather that thinking of your jewelry as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, try thinking of some ideas about how those product transform ordinary things like shirts, arms, and hairstyles into something exciting and extraordinary.

How does that beautiful necklace you created make the woman’s shirt more beautiful, interesting, etc.?

Practice doing this. Do you see why?

This is the kind of marketing work you need to do to set yourself apart from other jewelry designers.

This is the kind of work that forces you to build on customer emotions which leads to increased perceived value.

And that ultimately is what enables you to command higher prices and higher profits so that your business can grow and thrive instead of just survive.

Do you think these special designer tights will be priced at the same level of the run of the mill boring solid colored tights?

Not a chance.

Do you think the product cost of the designer tights is significantly more than the boring solid colored tights?

Only a little more.

But Nike will pull in significantly more profit from the designer tights because they will command a much higher price.

Just as Nike does, you too have to constantly be thinking about how your jewelry designs ENHANCE the value of other things your customer owns, and how you express that value in a way that resonates with your target customer.

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